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Snake River Net



Snake River Nets

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Total Length: 40 ½ inches
Hoop Size: 13 inches wide by 18 inches length

This net is designed for drift boats. The perfect length to store along side of the boat and not in the way of the rower. The handle widens at the end for a better grip. This net is made with 4 laminates that extend to the end of the handle. This net is beautiful and made to endure. This net is durable and strong, made with exotic hardwoods to incorporate beauty and strength within the hoop and handle. By using exotic woods, there are many grains and colors to choose from so that you will have a one-of-a-kind net . This net is inlaid with turquoise every 2″ along the handle for measuring your fish. The net has a clear, deep and fresh friendly bag. Use of tung oil highlights the natural beauty of the wood and allows easy maintenance of the Net.

Snake River Net