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What we do….

Snake River Net Company makes handmade wood nets. These nets are crafted from exotic hardwoods from around the world. These nets are not only beautiful but constructed with the finest quality to last a lifetime. Snake River Net Company started crafting nets in 2011 and has developed a design that is not only beautiful but functional. The handle has laminate wood that continues throughout the handle for added strength and beauty. The handle end widens so the fisherman does not lose the net by slipping out of his/her hands. A para cord lanyard is attached to remind the fisherman to hang his net up so as not to get damaged for longer life of the net.

Snake River Net Company has 6 sizes of nets made for your style of fishing. The Silver Creek net is the traditional style net for wading and for the fisherman that walks into small rivers and streams. The Madison River Net is a larger hoop net made for faster water and larger fish. The Henry’s Lake Net is designed for those who fish from pontoon/float tubes or those who would like a longer handle wade net. The Owyhee River Net was originally designed for guides. This net has a medium size handle and larger hoop. It is able to fit into ones wade belt for carrying. This net is engraved with the entomology of the May fly every 2 inches for measuring fish. The boat net is called the Snake River Net for those who fish from drift boats. This net is designed to fit along side the gunnel and lay on the seat so it is out of the way. This net is inlayed with turquoise every 2 inches for measuring fish. The Salmon River Net has five laminates around the hoop. For fishing out of larger boats and larger fish. This net is also inlayed with turquoise every 2 inches along the handle. You can pick one of the pre-made nets from our inventory. Snake River net will also custom make nets to your specifications. Just call for information and pricing. All nets have clear fish friendly bags and numerous woods to choose from.


Our products are currently located in the below locations for purchase.

High Country Outfitters – Jackson, WY
Jimmys – Idaho Falls, ID
Idaho Fishing Outfitters – Rigby, ID
Natural Retreats/ South Fork Lodge – Swan Valley, ID
Drift Lodge- Island Park, ID

Henry Fork Anglers – Island Park, ID
Picabo Angler – Picabo, ID
Feathered Hook – Afton, WY
Slide Inn – Cameron, MT
Anglers Addiction-Pueblo, CO