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I remember as a young boy, fly fishing on the McKenzie River in a McKenzie wood drift boat with my grandfather. My grandfather instilled in me the importance of quality and craftsmanship. My grandfather in the late 60’s custom made fly fishing rods that were shipped around the country as a result of the quality and workmanship in them. I believe this is where I developed my desire to design and craft a net that could take old time tradition and incorporate new design.

In 2002, a friend of mine gave me a wood fishing net that I would use whenever I fished; because of the polyurethane used the maintenance on this net was hard to keep looking nice. Six years ago I decided to make my own fishing net. At this point I wanted to incorporate those ideas I had for ease of landing a fish and maintenance of a net into a new style. Giving the net a flat top and wider opening allows for ease of landing a fish. The use of tung oil allows for easy maintenance as well as natural beauty. The choice of hardwoods not only looks beautiful and unique but gives strength, individuality and class to every net. Each net is custom handmade, and has a way to measure fish either in the bag or along the handle. You can order one to your specifications choosing woods or pick from one of the numerous nets already made. Nets are one-of-a-kind and no two are the same.